VOTERS: Municipal Revenues

A lot of promises will be made during this election season. Candidates who win their seats on October 20 will be expected by voters to follow up their words with real action. If they’ve promised to carry out a project that comes with a price tag, how exactly will that work?

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VOTERS: Advance Polling Info

Stacey Wakelin has been slated at number 21 on the ballot. Vote STACEY WAKELIN for Langley Township Council.

"I believe in putting people first. My track record involves initiatives with the homeless, refugees in the Lower Mainland, and advocating for inclusive communities. I believe we need to preserve the character of our Township while making it home for all of us who live here. That means slowing down on new neighbourhoods while we catch up with much needed education, transportation, and medical infrastructure. I will be your progressive voice on Council." - Stacey Wakelin

Questions for Stacey Wakelin? Email. Facebook

Advance voting for Township of Langley residents begins next week. See locations and times below:

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STACEY WAKELIN’s decision to run for Township of Langley Council in the 2018 Municipal Election did not come out of nowhere. Some background info is provided in her blog post Why I’m in the Race, but we have much more detail on our recently published IN THE NEWS page.

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Inclusive | Inclusiveness | Inclusivity: A CALL TO ACTION

Inclusive: not excluding any particular groups of people: an inclusive society.

Inclusiveness: treating all groups or all members of a group equally; every single person without exception.

Inclusivity: the fact or policy of not excluding members or participants on the grounds of gender, race, class, sexuality, disability, etc.

And, let’s remember that inclusivity also refers to removing financial barriers that may limit, or prevent a family’s full participation in the community. For example, all families should have:

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VOTERS: What’s the Point of Canvassing?

Canvassing, or door-knocking, was first identified as an organized part of the election process during the Roman Republic. It became more common during the contested elections of Elizabethan and Stuart England, but it wasn’t until the early 20th century that it evolved into standard election practice in Europe and North America.

The STACEY WAKELIN FOR LANGLEY Team will be canvassing in the Township of Langley over the next five weeks. Canvassing provides Voters with the opportunity to:

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FUNDRAISER: Paint & Create Event Perfect Match for this Candidate

“I truly believe once you open yourself up to the possibilities, you open yourself to success.” - Stacey Wakelin, “When a Hobby is More Than a Hobby” in Chicken Soup for the Scrapbooker’s Soul: Stories to Remember (2006)

Stacey Wakelin is no stranger to working hard for something she believes in, and then achieving success in it. Already experienced in retail when she and Scott moved to the Langley area, Stacey revived her childhood passion for arts and crafts when she joined the Michael’s team in their Langley store. What a great opportunity that turned out to be!

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UPCOMING: Painting Party, Coffee Meetings…

The nomination papers have been filed, and the STACEY WAKELIN FOR LANGLEY team has accelerated into high gear. We’re scheduling attendance at events, neighbourhood canvassing routes, coffee meetings, and a fundraiser, or two. Upcoming:

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VOTERS: What Else Do You Need to Know?

"The simple act of voting, of marking an ‘X' on a ballot… can overthrow a government without a single shot being fired." – Joseph Wearing, ed., The Ballot and its Message: Voting in Canada

The Township of Langley’s 2018 Election page should be your first stop for information on this year’s municipal election. Links to almost anything you could hope to need to prepare yourself to vote have been listed.

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Part 2: What to Look for in a Candidate

Yesterday, we took a look at a hypothetical Job Description for first-time Council Candidates. That Facebook note is actually the kind of post all voters need to read prior to each election. It’s a reminder of what Councillors are hired to do, and of what kind of skills our Councillors should have. But should a first-time candidate read it? In my opinion, only with a grain of salt.

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CANDIDATES: An Eye-opening ‘Job Description’ (Part 1)

A few weeks ago, there was a post making its way around Facebook from Richard Stewart, the Mayor of the City of Coquitlam. He put together a hypothetical Job Description for first-timers considering a run for office at the municipal level. In addition to experience and knowledge base, it included paragraphs on expectations, working conditions, hours of work, remuneration, and more. Is it worth the read?

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