"These candidates have been endorsed by their local labour council and/or the BCGEU based on their platforms and where they stand on issues affecting working people." - British Columbia Government Employees Union, Media Release

BCGEU endorsed election candidates

"Integrity, passion, kindness, effectiveness, community" - Carmela Allevato | Township Resident

"I worked with Stacey several years ago. She "walks her talk." An independent voice, Stacey believes in community, families and inclusivity. I'll be voting for her." - @Ms. Hurtubise | Township Resident

Endorsement from Tammy Moss, Township resident

"Stacey is an amazing soul who cares about the community deeply! Stacey, I hope you win this election and make all your visions come true (especially the part about affordability)! You have my support :)"

Endorsement by Geraldine McManus, Township resident

"Stacey Wakelin is a women who believes in “People First”. She actually cares about her community and the people in it. You have my support Stacey." - Susan Thomas | Township Resident

"Stacey is a smart, empathetic and concerned citizen. I believe in her dedication to do what is right; to be a voice for all. Honesty doesn't show up in politics often so she definitely gets my vote." - Sheri Hall | Township Resident

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