EXCERPT: Running for council in Langley Township

A Voter’s Guide to key election questions.

STACEY WAKELIN: Volunteer and retail advocate, 42

Have you held office in past? If so, please specify: No

Candidate provided bio: Stacey has lived and worked in the Langley area for almost 13 years.

  • She is the former co-owner of Langley’s Clipper Street Scrapbook Co.; founder of BC Parents for Inclusivity Facebook group; and organizer of community events designed to provide opportunities for neighbours to connect.
  • Stacey is action-oriented; efforts with refugees, people experiencing homelessness, and with LGBT youth over the last few years have been her focus.
  • Municipal government absolutely has the potential to make life better for everyone.
  • Entering politics was never in her life plan, but helping people has always been a part of Stacey’s life.
  • Putting people first does not mean ignoring the economy, the environment, or social sustainability.
  • We need a balanced framework for development so that each Township resident is considered and included in the community. Our Township is growing at a tremendous pace.
  • Let’s have a council that listens to the voices within it.

Website: www.staceywakelinforlangley.ca

Facebook: Stacey Wakelin for Langley

Phone: 778-808-8954

Twitter: @StaceyWakelin

Who is your favourite superhero, and why? A local high school student, in the midst of an exceptionally difficult time in their life, chose to use their voice to make life better for others. They did that by speaking in our school’s to inform and inspire others to always be kind and inclusive of all.

There are 23 candidates running for eight Langley Township council seats. The following are questions asked of each candidate hopeful. They were directed to provide a minimum of a Yes, No, or Don’t Know answer, and given an option to expand on one answer in print (to a maximum of 100 words per question). They could expand on all questions online, if they wished to do so. The following are their replies.

Questions and Answers:

  1. What neighbourhood of Langley do you live in? Answer: Willoughby
  2. How many years have you lived in Langley? Answer: 13
  3. How many Langley Township council meetings have you attended in the past year? Answer: Four, and have watched many meetings on the TOL website (livestream)
  4. Should the municipality be directly funding social housing to reduce homelessness? Answer: Yes
  5. Do you support elevated rail over light rapid transit from Surrey to Langley? Answer: Yes, however, we need transit NOW and Skytrain will not be moving forward.
  6. Should the municipality fund an arts centre? Answer: Yes, in partnership with other organizations.
  7. Would you vote to raise taxes to hire more police? Answer: Yes. If needed.
  8. Does Langley need a new or second hospital to serve the growing population? Answer: Yes. I would also like to see a community health centre in the Township. This facility could provide a variety of services and perhaps take some of the stress off of the hospital.
  9. Does Willoughby need its own dedicated library? Answer: Yes
  10. Is there enough effort being made to preserve farmland? Answer: No
  11. Should Langley allow construction of residential towers? Answer: Yes
  12. Should Langley have its own municipal police force, replacing the RCMP? Answer: No
  13. Do you think residential property taxes are too high? Answer: Yes
  14. Do you support the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline? Answer: No
  15. Should the municipality offer tax breaks, incentives, or rebates to companies looking to set up shop here? Answer: Yes
  16. Is Langley being pushed to grow too fast? Answer: Yes
  17. Do you support redevelopment of Fort Langley’s downtown? Answer: Yes
  18. Should development of Brookswood be phased in? Answer: Yes
  19. Should the Township set a deadline to finish widening 208th Street in Willoughby? Answer: Yes
  20. Should there be a limit to the number of consecutive terms a member of council can serve? Answer: No

Source: Langley Advance, October 18, 2018

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