FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Preparation for the Campaign Trail

Last night I attended the Willoughby Residents Association’s All Candidates Meeting. And, like the others I’ve been a part of, it turned out to be a great evening of questions from engaged residents. This question was asked of candidates, and I paraphrase: How did you prepare for the campaign and, potentially, a seat on Langley Township Council? I think the answer is worth sharing.

My decision to run was not a spur-of-the-moment thing. I talked about the process in detail here: Why I’m in the Race. But, once I knew this is what I needed to do, I set about learning as much as I could and that includes:

  • Q&A coffee meetings with just about everyone you can imagine including Fire Department and R.C.M.P. staff, urban planners, business association members, teachers, developers, religious leaders, non-profit organizations, healthcare workers, my neighbours and friends, and many more.
  • Attendance at Council meetings, School Board meetings, and events that focused on poverty reduction.
  • Research, research, research, which continues every time I’m asked to answer a question…
  • UBC’s Summer Institute for Future Legislators this past summer at the Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions.

The best part of this amazing opportunity has been to meet with people, to listen to them, and to discover that our common ground is a love for this community, and all of us want to have a Township we can proudly and confidently pass on to future generations.

Listen to me speak on this here: Facebook Video

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