Have you been left out of the Conversation?

“… the Township of Langley is home to more than 121,000 residents… There are over 63,000 people in the Township’s labour force… nearly a 67% participation rate, 62% aged 55 or younger” and “51% of the population having some form of higher education.” – Township of Langley

This is how the Township of Langley currently promotes itself, with more of the same on the Trade and Invest BC website. It’s a great story to tell the world, and it’s true – as far as it goes. But let’s talk about Township residents who are not included in the description above.

It only takes a small sampling of stats from the 2016 Census for Langley, District Municipality to show that Township residents are not a homogeneous bunch, and there are many other stories here that deserve respect and attention.


  • 0-14 yrs: 21,580 | 15-64 yrs: 77,145 | 65 and up: 18,560
  • 66% of the total population is considered to be of working age; the remaining 34% are young people and seniors.

One third of our population is not a part of the labour force. Let’s have a conversation that talks about issues relevant to seniors and young people, like loneliness, mental well-being, public parks, performing arts centres...


  • Single-detached house: 21,685 | Attached dwelling: 18,585 | Movable dwelling: 1,715
  • Only 52% of private dwellings in the Township are single-detached houses. Almost everyone else lives in duplexes, condos, apartments, and row houses.

It’s possible to manage population density during the planning process, so let’s talk about traffic congestion and the need for efficient, affordable public transit. Let’s have a conversation about safe sidewalks and multi-purpose trails for residents that work and attend school within the Township.


  • 1 child: 2,645 | 2 children: 1,385 | 3 or more children: 410
  • At least 6,645 children are living in lone-parent families.

Is anyone having a conversation with the parent or guardian of these children when they ask about affordable childcare, after-school programs, user fees, sports equipment...?


  • The median after-tax income of one-person households was $36,886?
  • The median after-tax income of two-person households was $90,380?

When monthly rents or mortgage payments (x 12) are deducted from these incomes, it’s no wonder we need to have conversations about affordable housing and tent cities, and alternatives to vehicle ownership and creating walkable neighbourhoods.


  • 48% of the population 15 years and over had no post-secondary certificate, diploma or degree?
  • 30% of the population 15 years and over did not work?
  • 34% of population 15 years and over worked part of the year or part-time during the year?
  • Only 36% of population 15 years and over worked full time?

There are difficult conversations that need to take place about assisting low-income individuals and families within the Township. Conversations like food security and subsidized housing, and making it easier for local non-profits and agencies to do their jobs.


  • 21% of the labour force population 15 years and over worked in sales and service occupations?
  • 18% of the labour force population 15 years and over worked in trades, transport, equipment operators and related occupations?
  • 16% of the labour force population 15 years and over worked in business, finance, and administration?

Let’s talk about creating a community for all levels of wage earners and all types of families, one that focuses on our common humanity and not the material differences between us.

Also mentioned on the Township website is this: “… the population is expected to double by 2040.” Is that really something to look forward to when we’re struggling to find balance between the business of growth and our quality of life?

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