Inclusive | Inclusiveness | Inclusivity: A CALL TO ACTION

Inclusive: not excluding any particular groups of people: an inclusive society.

Inclusiveness: treating all groups or all members of a group equally; every single person without exception.

Inclusivity: the fact or policy of not excluding members or participants on the grounds of gender, race, class, sexuality, disability, etc.

And, let’s remember that inclusivity also refers to removing financial barriers that may limit, or prevent a family’s full participation in the community. For example, all families should have:

  • Access to affordable childcare;
  • Access to alternative transportation infrastructure (because all families do not own a vehicle) like:
    • efficient and affordable public transit;
    • safe sidewalks that also access commercial and industrial areas;
    • well-lit bike paths for all ages;
  • Access to Township facilities and programs; and
  • Access to affordable housing options.

Inclusive, inclusiveness, and inclusivity are generic terms that refer to the totality of society, which means to every group, and to every individual within every group.

A few days ago, STACEY WAKELIN published a letter asking provincial leadership to step up to the task of informing the public about the educational resources they created in 2017, as a response to gender identity and gender expression being added to the BC Human Rights Code. These tools for teachers have now become a 2018 municipal election issue due to community opposition groups mounting a campaign of disinformation. Much of this might have been avoided if parents and community members had been educated about the teaching tool prior to, or during its first year of use. This letter is a passionate plea for public leaders to take control of the conversation.

This letter is also an example of how strongly STACEY WAKELIN believes that everyone deserves to be treated equally, with respect and dignity, and how fearlessly she will fight for every Township resident.

Read the full text of A CALL TO ACTION here. 

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