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Stacey, why are you running for Township of Langley Council in the October 2018 local election?


Quite simply, the decision was made as a result of many conversations I've had over the past five years. For example:

  • Conversations with two friends, both of whom could not find a home to rent within the Township.
  • Conversations with neighbours experiencing homelessness who wondered when the Township and City councils were going to make affordable housing supports a priority.
  • Conversations with Willoughby residents who wondered when infrastructure development would catch up with development or why did enriching developers become a priority over creating safe, liveable communities?

As a progressive 42 year old, mother of two school aged children, I do not feel incredibly represented by the government in the Township. When this happens, one can continue to feel frustrated or one can decide to take action and in doing so, become a representative for all those living in the Township that feel the same way. Politicians, and the government of which they're a part should represent the diverse community they serve. I believe we can do better and it is time to try.

  • Susan Thomas
    published this page in Q & A 2018-07-25 01:02:13 -0700