STACEY WAKELIN’s decision to run for Township of Langley Council in the 2018 Municipal Election did not come out of nowhere. Some background info is provided in her blog post Why I’m in the Race, but we have much more detail on our recently published IN THE NEWS page.

Keeping in mind that Wakelin began her journey with no end game in sight, it’s interesting that there are common threads running through these local news stories right from the beginning. We see that Stacey:

  • Is self-motivated, interested in hearing both sides of the story, and has the initiative to move forward on projects.
  • Believes connecting with our neighbours by listening, by talking, by doing together, will help us find common ground.
  • Believes we are human beings together, and communities are richer when diversity and inclusivity are respected and accepted as part of the mix.
  • Believes that each level of government has a responsibility to represent all the people within their constituency.

To visit IN THE NEWS, please click here.

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