VOTERS: What’s the Point of Canvassing?

Canvassing, or door-knocking, was first identified as an organized part of the election process during the Roman Republic. It became more common during the contested elections of Elizabethan and Stuart England, but it wasn’t until the early 20th century that it evolved into standard election practice in Europe and North America.

The STACEY WAKELIN FOR LANGLEY Team will be canvassing in the Township of Langley over the next five weeks. Canvassing provides Voters with the opportunity to:

  • Meet the Candidate in person,
  • Learn the Candidate’s views on policy firsthand, and
  • Let the Candidate know the issues of concern to them.

STACEY WAKELIN and her volunteer team members are trying to visit every home in the Township before October 20.

Stacey wants to talk to you. She wants to hear your story, to hear what’s working for you in the Township, and what isn’t.

It’s time for a new conversation, and your help is needed to shape it.

If you aren’t home when the STACEY WAKELIN FOR LANGLEY Team knock on your door, and you would like to help support the campaign with:

  • Lawn Signs: Contact the team here.
  • Canvassing: To accompany STACEY WAKELIN on a door-knocking route in your neighbourhood? We need volunteers to record visits, put cards in mailboxes, and contribute to doorstep conversations – but only if you’re comfortable with that! Volunteer here.
  • Requesting a Meeting: Schedule a coffee meeting with STACEY WAKELIN for your association, group, business, or just you and your friends to talk about the issues in your neighbourhood. Contact us here.
  • Donations: These will always be gratefully accepted; contributions are going towards signage and print materials. Contribute here.

STACEY WAKELIN can be reached via:

  • Email:
  • Telephone: (778) 808-8954
  • Messaging: Facebook and Twitter

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